About us

Your specialist in auto parts
since the year 1996

About us

AB Varahlutir was established in 1996 and we specialize in the sale of auto parts were we focus on offering our customers wide range of product. AB Varahlutir was in the beginning located at Bíldshöfði 18 but at the end of 2011 we moved to our current location at Funahöfði 9.

We offer a wide range of boddyparts, lights and mirrors and wear items for example, brakeparts, steeringparts, control arms, wheel bearings, shock absorbers, coil-springs, CV joints, CV boots, belts and clutch parts. Our hallmark is to have every part in stock, but in case of parts not being in stock we usually take 2 – 14 days to provide the parts.

In 2010 we opend a branch in Reykjanesbær at Njarðarbraut 1, by mid-year 2011 we opened in Akureyri at Njarðarnes 1, and in 2013 we opened in Egilstaðir at Fagradalsbraut 25 an then in May 2016 in Selfoss at Gagnheiði 34.

AB Varahlutir has always strived to provide quality and personalised service and has built a trusted relationship with our group of customers. AB Varahlutir service both professional workshops and retail customers and our intent is to be „ÞINN HAGUR Í BÍLAVARAHLUTUM“.