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Car shampoo for high-pressure cleaners

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Vörunúmer: E602181-20L Flokkur:


Eurol Car & Truckwash is a safe, concentrated detergent. Due to the strong cleaning capability, the product is widely usable. The product removes dirt and the so-called ‘traffic-film’ from the surfaces, so these can be cleaned by a high-pressure cleaner. The product is also suitable as a foam-cleaner. Eurol Car & Truckwash can be used for cleaning trucks and passenger cars, buses and trains, and is extremely suitable for high-pressure cleaners and also very suitable in foam tanks and foam-lances. Eurol Car & Truckwash has no aggressive effect on the skin and is biodegradable. Mixing ratio (depending on the degree of pollution) from 1:10 up to 1:50. Apply by sponge or brush and rinse off with a high-pressure cleaner after some minutes. N.B. Store above 0 °C. Use safety goggles. When using Eurol Car & Truckwash , it is recommended to wear safety goggles.