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Vehicle mover

GoJak was designed to improve vehicle movement and repositioning in workshops, showrooms and body shops but is also invaluable in car parks and to a multitude of rescue services.
To overcome different axle widths, wheelbases, wheel sizes and tyre widths, every GoJak is self-loading.
GoJak’s are mechanical, therefore very quick and simple to use without the obvious hazard of leaking hydraulics.
This system makes lifting and moving vehicles in any direction very quick and easy saving both time and money.

Load rating: 715 kg (2860 kg 4 units)
Mechanism: Double pawl bi-directional ratchet
Tyre widths: Fits tyres up to 320 mm wide
Wheel sizes: 13” to 22”
Casters: Heavy duty: 2×100 mm, 2×125 mm
Rollers: Twin, rust resistant, plated steel
Unit weight: 17.5 kg
Packed: 1 unit per box (right or left)
Limited warranty: 2 year