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Effective cleaning of floors

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Eurol Surface Cleaner is a safe, concentrated detergent. Due to the strong cleaning capability, even the most dirty floors are cleaned effortlessly. Eurol Surface Cleaner has no aggressive effect on the skin. Mixing ratio (depending on the degree of pollution) is from 1:10 up to 1:50. Applicable on water – and alkali-resistant floors. Eurol Surface Cleaner is solvent-free and contains soaps for an effortless cleaning of a wide spectrum of pollutions. Depending on the degree of pollution a dosage of 1:50 till 1:10 is recommended. For very dirty surfaces Eurol Surface Cleaner can also be used undiluted. AFTER USE: rinse with water to prevent from slipperiness and soap rests. Good biodegradability. Store above 0°C