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Fresh handcleaner with terpenes

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Vörunúmer: E601430-600ML Flokkur:


Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellowstar is a intensively acting jelly hand cleaner, to remove more persistent dirt from paint spray and printing activities, etc. Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellowstar contains terpenes, which are well known for their strong cleaning capability, together with a pleasant, fresh smell. A fine abrasive (based on polymers) makes the product softer for the hands. The product is for more than 80% biodegradable. Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellowstar should be applied on dry hands in a limited quantity. Rub in till the dirt loosens, wash-off with water and dry with a clean towel. If there is no water available, the dirt can also be removed with a dry cloth. Store above 0°C