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The Ionizer PRO is an advanced ionizing gun with a wireless system that generates positive and negative ions capable of producing the necessary energy to neutralize static electricity existing on charged surfaces to leave them free of dirt particles, ready to be painted.

In the everyday life of a workshop, many processes may cause static buildup, including sanding, blowing, masking and pre-cleaning but with the ionizer PRO eliminating static you will improve the process of applying metallized, increasing profitability of your workshop by reducing time and material in the vehicle painting process achieving a perfect end result.

Ionizer PRO comes with a system with an ion generator and a valve which directs compressed air towards the target to be neutralized. The combination of ions and air causes the existing particles to be expelled and prevents them to be adhered again to any surface due to their loss of charge. Aluminum and stainless steel air lines are the most efficient. We recommend to perform the air filtration with 2 body models, filtering water + oil (Bossauto ref. 050436), or 3 body models, filtering water + oil + activated carbon (Bossauto ref. 050384). These types of models are the most efficient to be used with the Pro Ionizer gun as well as for painting.