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Rust, scale and corrosion are tough to fully remove. Blasting high-speed media particles at the work piece is the best way to get into all the small niches in the metal to ensure complete removal. Speed laster&rsquo,s&trade, gravity fed, safety vented reservoir tank eliminates tubes or siphon hoses that can easily clog. Speed Blaster runs continuously and virtually clog free with the correct media and oisture-free air. And you can use a variety of blast media that do not exceed 14 grit. The lightweight, long-lasting, comfortable design employs gravity to help force the blast media into a hardened steel mixing chamber. Compressed air then forces the particles through a top grade alumina ceramic nozzle at extraordinary velocity. Speed Blaster is self-contained and small for easy storage in a toolbox drawer. The next time you need to blast something, just connect compressed air and go.

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Weight 0.600 kg
EAN code 8717775513339
Air inlet 1/4″
Air consumption 280 l/min
Max. air pressure 5 ~ 7 bar
Working pressure 5 ~ 7 bar bar
Container capacity 0.75 l
Material ABS