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Vörunúmer: RAC635 Flokkur:

RAC635 preset digital tyre inflator with LED light is a small, powerful inflator that makes tyre care easy. Set up is simple – just turn the dial to the pressure needed, click, then press start. This will then inflate the tyre until the selected pressure is reached, then automatically stops. The backlit digital screen shows progress clearly, with pressure displayed in KPA, PSI or BAR. Don’t be caught out in emergencies as the built in LED light can be set to SOS mode to attract attention or warn other motorists.

Powered directly from your 12V in-car socket, the RAC635 is making it convenient to power at home or on the road. The deflation valve makes small adjustments to the pressure easy. Not just great for car tyres: the three piece adaptor kit means it can be used on bike tyres and small inflatables like footballs. Stores away tidily, with all the cables and attachments fitting neatly onto the unit and in the included case.