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Vörunúmer: AP22012 Flokkur:
  • 5-50 PSI Pencil Gauge
  • Chrome
  • Pressure Range (psi): 5 To 50 psi
  • Digital Or Analog: Analog


Properly inflated tires save you money. Maintaining proper tire pressure reduces fuel consumption and maximizes tire life. Best of all the process is simple. Just check tire pressure monthly and air up low tires. 5-50psi. Pencil Gauge with Slime Logo. Standard Pressure Tires. Backed by the Slime Satisfaction Guarantee.


Regularly checking tire pressure and inflating low tires, saves you money and keeps you safe. Maintaining proper tire pressure maximizes tread life, improves vehicle handling and optimizes fuel economy. Slime offers an array of gauges with features specifically designed for every vehicle, user and price point.


Steve and Margaret Cegelski created SLiME in their garage in 1989. They turned a green, gooey, almost glow-in-the-dark substance with a snot-like texture into a best selling tire sealant that is now sold worldwide.

SLiME is a liquid sealant that instantly seals punctures as they happen. SLiME is not one of those aerosol „fixers“ – it is a non-aerosol, non-flammable and environmentally friendly blend of fibers, polymers, and binders that will prevent and repair flats for up to 2 years. How do you get it in the tire or tube? It’s simple. Just remove the valve core, inject SLiME, replace the valve core and reinflate. It’s that easy – no more flats!