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MIRKA GOLD 150mm P80


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These 150mm Velcro backed discs have a 15 hole configuration for dust hole alignment with leading brands of orbital sanders including Festool, Metabo, Makita, Mafell and Dewalt. They feature a unique stearate coating which gives a very high resistance to clogging and loading, and is a durable, all-round sanding material that is very well suited for high speed sanding of hardwoods, softwoods and resinous timbers. The flexible latex backing combines toughness with flexibility and has good edge wear characteristics and minimal grain loss. This high quality backing also provides a uniform surface with more consistent grain height, producing a super-fine finish. The resin over resin bonding technology results in excellent grain distribution and superior aluminium oxide grain support which guarantees a long working life. Ideal for hard and soft woods, paint and varnish and composite materials such as MDF