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MOTUL 8100 X-POWER 10W/60 5L


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Vörunúmer: MOT-106144 Flokkar: ,

Motul 8100 X-Power 10 W-60 motor oil engines 5 Litre fully synthetic high performacne engine oil especially designed for very high performance petrol and diesel engines (without DPF). Particularly recommended for naturally aspirated or turbo high performance motors such as BMW Old M Series, Ferrari V12, Maserati, Aston Martin,… Excellent high temperature resistance, perfect protection against wear and very stable air-pressure. Standards: API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B4 applications: Engine Oils quality: fully synthetic products: car viscosity: 10 W60 ACEA standards: ACEA A3/B4 API standards: API SN/CF (Backwardly Compatible with API SJ, SL, SM) available in 1L and 5L canisters

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