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Tyre repair for passenger cars

60 Repairs

1 Open eye needle (short)
1 Rasp
60 Strings 4” (100 mm)
1 Lube/Cleaner
1 Knife

The vulcanising repair is made with a blend of butyl rubber, elastomers, chemically blended vulcanising agents, including silicon, vulcanising agents and accelerators.
The manufacturing process combines this rubber compound with high tensile strength continuous filament specially processed nylon fibres.

Tyre Seals strings are made up of 48 strands of tyre cord fibres that are impregnated under high pressure and heat with the specially developed rubber compound to fill each individual strand.
This process prevents the passage of air through fibres, which could result in tyre repair failure.

Tyre Seals strings are subject to intense heat to bond the special rubber formula to the nylon tyre cord, making an unusually strong and reliable tyre repair.

Tyre Seals strings are a heavy-duty sealant that instantly seals punctures of up to 3/8 of an inch in diameter (9.5 mm) Tyre Seals tyre repair is the repair of the future.
It not only seals the inside of the hole to prevent air leaking out of the tyre; it also seals the inner liner of the tyre from steel belted portion of the tyre.

The Tyre Seals tyre repair seals out road moisture that would normally invade the steel belts of the tyre through the puncture opening from the outside of the tyre.

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