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Oil additive aimed at eliminating leakages from the transmission

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Vörunúmer: E802320-250ML Flokkur:


Eurol Transmission Stop Leak is an additive developed to swell and revitalize seals and o-rings to stop leaks in automatic transmissions where ATF is used. Eurol Transmission Stop Leak prevents further leaks in order to avoid reduced transmission oil level as well as to avoid contamination of the soil or the ground water. Eurol Transmission Stop Leak does not contain solvents or solids and does not only swell the seals but keeps them elastic too. Eurol Transmission Stop Leak is compatible with all mineral and synthetic transmission oils. The 250ml bottle of Eurol Transmission Stop Leak is recommended for use in 8 to 10L of ATF (approx. 25ml/l). Do not overfill your transmission, oil should mark full on dipstick. After dosage, it is recommended to run the engine idle for at least 10 minutes in order to have this additive mixed in the oil completely. It is not advisable to use Eurol Transmission Stop Leak if the transmission has a major oil leak. A major oil leak may be due to a cracked seal. In that case, it is advised to replace the seals that are leaking. Users should consult the Material Safety Data Sheet of Eurol Transmission Stop Leak for information about storage and shelf life. Please ask Eurol Research & Development if any further information is required.



Color Amber
Density at 20°C 0.8981 kg/l
Viscosity, kinematic at 40°C 78.8 cSt
Viscosity, kinematic at 100°C 9.8 cSt
Viscosity index 103
Flash point 120 °C